Friday, April 23, 2010

Avant-Garde Living Room

The thing I love most about our living room is all the "little" things that pull together to make it special.

For example, I actually made these pillows:

I made them after an unsuccessful search for something similar to buy. For those of you who have seen the movie P.S. I Love You, you may have noticed she has similar pillows in her own apartment!
(p.s. the birdcage was from an antique shop!)

As for the rest of our living room, I like to keep it simple-chic!

And a close up of our tea set from World Market

The Cookbook Shelf? IKEA!!!

The top of the shelf is a frame of the Brazos Belle Inn in Burton, TX where my husband and I got married! It was an anniversary present from my mother-in-law!
Because our kitchen is so little, we had to bring it out into the dining area with carts to support the microwave and toaster oven!

I finally succumbed to the idea of a wall hook because I was always losing my keys! The idea was to have a place to hang my keys when I came home from work so that I would always know where they are. Granted, I have since found other things to hang here and my keys have magically managed to stay in my purse.

And of course... I have to provide a picture of the "eating area."

As for decor, I especially love this photo frame with my sisters:

I also got this idea from a flower shop:
All you need is a glass container, brown craft straw andsome plastic robin's eggs.

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