Saturday, September 26, 2015

Back In Action

Oh my! It has been awhile hasn't it? I've been a bit busy chasing after not one, but two busy little boys so please pardon my absence! I figure I need to start with the most current update: We have a new baby boy! Meet Wes Jameson! He is almost 6 months old, so that tells you how long it's been!
Oliver is enjoying being a big brother and we were even able to have some family photos taken when Wes was about 3 months old by the lovely Erika Rae.

Also I found it funny that my last post was about California because we ended up planning a last minute trip to do Disney for my husband's birthday! I don't know what we were thinking but we all survived and had a great time!

Sorry to keep it so brief but life is very busy as a mom of 2! I can't wait to see what the rest of you have been up to after all this time!

Monday, March 9, 2015

California Dreamin

You. Guys.

It must be time for me to hit the beach because these prints have been calling to me! Have you heard of the artist Gray Malin? I'm obsessed these Aerial Photography Prints. Can't you just picture them in your home?

If you haven't heard of him, his art seems to be popping up everywhere!

From these Sperry's

to these delicious chocolates

In the meantime, I just bought this print for my bedroom from Ocean Ave.

But I'm loving this one as well

(Which means I guess I need to add Hawaii on to my list of places to go back and visit!)

And speaking of all my current Wanderlusting... how cute is this coffee shop in L.A.?

Let's go! Where have you been dreaming about lately?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy 2015!

***DISCLAIMER: This is a post that was meant to go up at the beginning of the year- whoops! Things have been hectic and crazy and busy but by all means--- I am finally posting on my blog!***

Well another year has flown by. They sure manage to do that, don't they?

We had a pretty great Christmas break, complete with a trip to Dallas and a girl's trip to Vegas!

Not only was it nice to have a break, but it was also nice to take the time to appreciate the things I have in my life. Instead of a Goal or Resolution this year, I'm going to try to focus on being more grateful for what I have and savoring the moments with my little one(s). Think of it like I'm embracing the Less is More concept.

Also with all the traveling, I was reminded of some of my favorite songs from old CD's and I wanted to share my Top 5 Go To songs for the year 2015. I know these songs by heart and they really get me amped up for new beginnings.
What are your Go To songs for 2015?

Now, several of these songs are full of choice explicatives and may not fit everyone's taste, so consider yourself warned!

I also made some "art" of my favorite lyrics for your enjoyment.

And can I just say... I was beyond elated when Missy came out for the Super Bowl. Where has she been all my life?!?!?!

And so there you have it. I leave you with a few photos of what I've been up to this year so far, but also feel free to come follow me on Instagram if you aren't already!

Valley of Fire/Vegas trip with my sisters!

Oliver's First Birthday!

Beach Day

32 Weeks ya'll!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Well it's that time of year again.... school madness! I swear it feels like we never had a Summer Break at all... but I digress. Work plus baby has totally taken over my life (which, these things happen) but I've still been wanting to update the old blog about life happenings!

First.... we just had Oliver's first Halloween! I debated on whether or not to even get him a costume, but in the long run I couldn't resist this shark costume!

And even then, I had the last minute idea of going as Forrest Gump, Jenny and Lieutenant Dan... it was perfect because we already had the clothes... I guess you could say we already dress like Forrest and Jinn-ay.... #whoops

I am also super excited about planning our trip to New Orleans for Thanksgiving! Do you have any tips (especially on things to do for Thanksgiving?) Of course I already found where to get the donuts....

Before (or after, who really knows) there was the cronut... there was the do'sant.... oh my! We will definitely be hunting one down at Manhattan Jacks!

And of course we can't pass these up either... we'll also be making a stop at District Donuts!

Somehow we will have to still make room for beignets... oh yeah and turkey (or possibly some turducken!)

And lastly, if you follow me on Instagram you've already heard the news but just in case....

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Collage Memory Mug from Tiny Prints

It was recently my Mother-in-laws birthday and I found the perfect gift for her at Tiny Prints! While I was browsing their website, I had no idea what all they had to offer! While I already knew they had the cutest cards and stationery, they have also added a home goods selection like custom stamps and even pillows! And I have got to get myself a Custom Planner before the school year starts!

Here are some of the items on my Wishlist:

But, I digress... I ordered the Collage Memory Mug and I am so happy with how it turned out. The pictures didn't turn out too blurry and I was able to select pictures of all the grandkids with their Granna to feature on her Birthday Mug. I will probably have to go back and order another one for Oliver's other Grandma next!

Now it's time for me to start browsing for First Birthday Party Invitation ideas!

Happy Hump Day to you all and Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mama and Me Must-Haves

I was thinking it might be fun to start more Mama and Me posts. The only issue would be if I can keep coming up with new ideas!

So for now I wanted to post about things we use every day.

I love that it has 3 languages (English, French and Spanish) but it also teaches animals, numbers and plays songs. We have been using this since Oliver was about 3 months and it is still his favorite toy to date!

Next, we can't live without Oliver's Leslie Patricelli Books
We love the illustrations in these books (they will seriously make you laugh at how cute they are). Our favorite books so far are Toot, Tubby and Huggy Kissy, but I can't wait to buy more of them!

Our last favorite baby item is Oliver's Infantino Squeeze and Teethe Elephant
I know everybody raves about Sophie the Giraffe, but I have a soft spot for cute elephants and Oliver goes to town on those ears! They are perfect for our little teething babe!

Next up are my favorite items. To spare you from TMI, I just have a stock photo of the first item which is my Medela Nighttime Nursing Bra.
I know the title says it's a "Sleep" Bra, but they are so comfortable that I use them daily and it even works great for when I'm pumping. I know this may not work for everyone, but for smaller-breasted friends it's amazing!

(*Just a side note, most of the above items you can find at Target but they are also available on Amazon)

Next, I can't live without my over-sized tops! Thank goodness they are in style! 
Not only did they work great while I was pregnant, but they are super comfy, keep my belly covered and they work perfect for breast-feeding! I tried using cover ups but Oliver would pull them off. This way I can keep everything covered when he's hungry and nobody's the wiser. Plus, it's much too hot to use a cover during these summer months!

The last thing I can't live without?
Is it Oliver, or the coffee?

You can be the judge of that. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Make a Noise

Do you remember when you took Debate in High School? Do you remember how even if you felt strongly about one argument, you were encouraged to still research disputes for the other side to defend your own beliefs?


Looking at all sides of the picture has been something that I have always been interested in. At times this makes me wishy washy or indecisive about my own beliefs, but other times I feel like I am able to make the best informed decisions at that time (until I know more information).

I used to also think that being "neutral" or "indifferent" would save me from the confrontational arguments, but now I feel that the more we do nothing, shrug our shoulders and say, "oh well!" the worse things are getting.

Another thing that really bothers me (which I am also guilty of doing) is complaining about something but not offering a solution to the problem. If there is something that you do not agree with, instead of bashing it, why don't you come up with a solution?

If you are anti-abortion, why don't you promote adoption or other alternatives.
If you are pro-gun, why don't you instead promote education on gun safe practices.
If you are anti-big corporations, why don't you be proactive in supporting smaller, local businesses?
If you don't think employees should have to work holidays/Sundays etc. then stop shopping, going to movies and supporting businesses on those days.


Just like the old after school specials used to say, knowledge is power. Promote education instead of bashing something with your emotions and your "gut" feelings.

This is something I have been working on myself, starting with trying to shop local. I feel like as a country we give corporations way too much credit and power. But WE are the problem. When we continue to buy from bigger companies, we continue to feed their monetary revenue which gives them that power. 

One of the ways I can work toward changing this is buying at a local farmers market and buying organic when I can (sorry Lucky Charms and McDonalds....)

Try walking or biking instead of filling up at the gas station each week. Gas companies probably won't even miss your money. Trust me. Plus your body will thank you for the exercise.

Stop the senseless arguments and hatred and start promoting what you feel strongly about with your own actions. Set the example and standard and people will follow through. Be as knowledgeable as possible until you are able to learn more.