Friday, April 30, 2010


The time has come for me to post about my precious babies!

We have three children: Bruno: 2 1/2 years, Sergeant Tibbs: 2 years and Deadly Little Miho: 1 year. (Note: Miho is Japanese for "beautiful" not to be mistaken with Mijo, which means "Son" in Spanish.)

All of our babies were adopted because we just couldn't say NO to their sweet faces! Are you ready to meet the crew?

Bruno is a black & white American Bulldog mix. He was also in the same litter as a St. Bernard and a Blue Heeler! Bruno loves to give sweet kisses and cuddle!

The Sgt. is an orange and white tabby that we took in because our friend's landlord wouldn't let her keep him anymore. He loves to get into mischief, climb in boxes, bags and cuddle on soft blankets.

Miho is the youngest, she needed a new home when her owner's were also no longer able to care for her. They told us she was a lab/pit mix but she is only 30 pounds so she must have been mixed with something small.... possibly a wippet? She can run like the wind! Also, notice only one of her ears will stand up!

This picture was taken right after we adopted Miho. The whole gang is checking each other out!

This is a picture of everybody wanting to be outside with mom and dad!

Sleeping Babies! (Miho & Tibbs)

Brother Bruno & Sister Miho!


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Aryn said...

I love your babies! Especially Miho, she is so sweet and cuddly.