Wednesday, April 14, 2010

z pirates!

I have always loved Z Gallerie; even as a youngster who only shopped at Charlotte Russe and Gadzooks (now Forever 21) and didn't know any better. There is something charming and magical about what you see inside Z Gallerie, even when you are merely window shopping.

Pictured here is the must-have for any household: a Crystal Ship Chandelier. Combining pirates with class, this treasure is sure to make a conversation piece (assuming you have a little bit of a sense of humor as well!) This also speaks to my inner child who secretly still watches Disney's Peter Pan...

To relaxing Buddha fountains 

Z gallerie has fun and sophisticated items to meet everyone's taste and still meet a small budget!

Another one of my favorites?

I have been looking for (inexpensive) Red Faux Coral for almost 2 years now! Most places try to charge you much more.
And just to carry on with the pirate theme......

really what home can function without a skull clock?

Photos found on  Z Gallerie


Aryn said...

Tom´s sister works for Z Gallery in Cleveland! Maybe we should go visit her and get the hookup lol!

Avant-Garde Living said...

ummmmmmm YES PLEASE. i hope she gets a good discount!!!