Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love The Heights

There is a little area in Central Houston where everyone wants to live called The Heights. Not only are the houses extremely overpriced but they suffer from high taxes as well. But do we care? NO! The houses are so charming and the neighborhood is full of eclectically small businesses and restaurants that the high price is worth it! You can also check out this Heights Blog I found if you are interested in learning more.

One of the hot spots in this area is Onion Creek, a cute little coffee shop/beer & wine bar with a decent menu. They offer a chill place to come in the afternoon, or even after a long day at work. They also have other sister locations around town, which always makes it nice when you live in a city with the 4th-largest population number in the U.S.

While I presently still live in a tiny apartment, a girl can still dream big! Here are some houses I found for sale recently...

I found these listing on Trulia

3 bed/2.5 bath
3,028 sq.ft


4 bed/3.5 bath
3,255 sq.ft


3 bed/2.5 bath
2,688 sq.ft

Last but certainly not least...

4 bed/3.5bath
3,862 sq.ft
(to it's credit, the lot is 12,870 sqft!)

Happy House Hunting!


Leah said...

Oh my gosh! These houses are stunning! I want them all!!!

jemina said...

Those houses are amazing, xoxo

Avant-Garde Living said...

maybe i should go into real estate!!! :)

the southern hostess said...

So fun! Love your blog!

raven said...

I love the the Heights area! It's like a little chunk of Austin nestled in the city of Houston. You described Onion Creek perfectly - such a chill place ;)