Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Pillows

I have been trying to find the perfect pillows to go in my living room.

I am really hoping to find some in yellow that match my Chat Noir art as well as with some blue to match the other pillows. I'm also going all out and hoping to find something with a birdcage on it. So far here is what I have come up with...

$12.99 for 1 pillow
This one doesn't really match, but i love it anyway!

$20 for 2 pillow covers
Love the yellow black and grey together!

$20 for 2 pillow covers
I think this might be my favorite....

$50 for set of 3 burlap sac pillows

of course I have a hard time saying no to these....


jemina said...

Oh the Burlap ones are killing me, xoxo

Leah said...

Love the second set and the birdcage pillows are a must!!!!!