Monday, August 9, 2010


Best quote ever:

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together -Marilyn Monroe-

ALSO in other inspirational news my husband and I have been feeling suuuuper tired and lazy lately, and I think it is partly thanks to the 107 degree heat outside (+ humidity, thank you!) but I also think we could be a little more active seeing as we haven't been to a gym or really touched a weight set in a good year and a half since we finished school! So today we decided to get up and run. We ran 1.5 miles in about 45 minutes... I mean considering this is our first time to get off our buns and do something I have to say not bad!!! (and for those of you who are able to run 10 minute miles... I am truly impressed!)

So after our amazing feat, we started talking about how cool it would be to start training for a marathon. (YES we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but it's still a neat idea to think about!) But upon further investigation we found out about, what I feel, is the coolest marathon idea ever!

That's right: A Disney World Marathon! Yes please! What could be more inspirational???? And they even offer a full 26 mile marathon for the troopers that runs through all 4 Disney parks, while the half marathon takes you through Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We are seriously looking into this event, even if we just end up doing the 5K! For more information check it out here.


jemina said...

WOW, that's awesome!!! and the heat has me fried too babe, wishing you a fabulous day, xoxo

very married said...

DO IT! if i were ever going to marathon, it would DEFINITELY be through disney. if...

Leah said...

What a great idea! You should totally do it!

Love the quote from Marilyn too!


angela hardison said...

a marathon is one of my life goals - or, it was. i'm not so sure anymore. i think my joints would hate me. but seriously, disney marathon? amazing!

christine said...

running with disney!? How you could you not push through when Mickey and Minnie are cheering you on?