Saturday, September 4, 2010


OK. Something strange is happening and I don't think I like it. Is it just me or is this possibly the worst cast of Project Runway ever? I mean every season has had its extreme personalities but this is the biggest group of whiners I have ever seen! Usually each season has the "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to WIN" person but this season it's "Let's sign a petition and complain about Michael C. the whole time"... I just don't get it! I mean, I definitely don't think Michael C. is the best designer, but I don't think the ones complaining about him are that great either.

And just to stick some of my psychology background in here, it's like no one is focusing on themselves. Each person is more concerned about what everyone else is doing. I mean never before have I seen a cast sit in the waiting room and deliberate who they feel is in the bottom and who is in the top the way this cast does. And at least in season's before they could muster up some fake smiles and fake encouragement for one another. But when the winner came out of this challenge today everyone just scowled at him! I couldn't believe it!

Oh! So a little about the challenge? The designers had to take some pretty ugly bridesmaid dresses and turn them into a new, fashion forward piece. Some made dresses even worse than the original bridesmaid dresses but to be honest I didn't like anything that I saw down the runway...

And... what was up with Ivy this episode? She started some scandal about how Michael C. was making up stories about her. She went around to every single person, except Michael C. and told them this. And unless the editors of the show just didn't want us to see it, there was actually no record of Michael C. talking trash. Sounds a little sneaky if you ask me..... I realize T.V. is about drama but I love Project Runway for the creativity and so far this season all we are getting is highschool drama and zero creativity! I am a little disappointed. All I can say is the rest of the season better pick up!

Despite what others might say... I still love you Michael C!!!!!!!

And Ivy better stop talkin' trash unless she can man up and confront the problem!

What do you think about all of this? Do you agree or disagree?


A BRIT GREEK said...

Wish i had it over here! But you have given me a very clear idea of the peeps involved in this show! Project runway does rock though!

Have a fab weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling bad for Michael C!

Leah said...

Poor Michael C he is so good but gets so much hardship!!!!