Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ahh... there you go Project Runway! Although I was sad to see who went home this week, I was glad that it seems people are coming to their senses. It was another team challenge and once again, communication was key. Designers had to design an outfit inspired by resort wear... and then have another designer make it! Michael Kors even announced the challenge and made a key point: you won't be able to make every piece that you design so you have to be able to communicate what you want. Everyone seemed to get along great in this challenge except one team... even so I was sad to see the loser go home. I didn't think their outfit was THAT bad, but c'est la vie! The show must go on!

Here are some of my favorite designers this week:

Andy's design.

April's design.

Gretchen's design.

And of course... Michael C.'s design.

Oh yeah... and Ivy better watch her back! She's not making a very good name for herself at this rate! ;)

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