Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 Project Runways & a $15 Rug!

So the house that we bought is all wood floors, and I couldn't be happier. SO my mission the past few weeks has been to find a rug that will match our living room. Well, hubby & I were perusing through Lowe's when I found this rug! I couldn't believe it! It even goes with my pillows! And only $50!!! So we went to buy it and it only rang up for $15! I love it all the more!

*couldn't wait for the new house, so it's out now

*aren't they soooo cute?

*Bird pillows

And now on to Project Runway! I totally forgot to post last week so I will have to do a DOUBLE Feature!

Episode 9

In Episode 9 Designer's were asked to make a high fashion look for a L'Oreal Paris ad. They were also given 2 days for this challenge. So guess what happened? People took their time and ended up getting into trouble when *surprise* They also had to make a ready to wear piece that matched! There were a few melt downs this episode from the pressure, but ultimately it was a good show.

Best this week:

                                              April's Ready to Wear

                                              Mondo's Ready to Wear

Episode 10

This one is a tear jerker, so you better get out a box of kleenex's! I won't go into too much detail if you haven't watched yet, but let me just say even hubby had the sniffles! It was a very sweet episode and I love the way Project Runway presented it. The challenge was to create their own fabric print! I really love some of the fabric that the designers came up with. You can even download the fabric online! **Caution: Only click if you want to see the winning design!**

Best Looks 

OH, and hope you are having a LOVELY weekend!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that rug and you got an awesome deal on it! PR was definitely a tearjerker this week, wasn't expecting it!

christine, just bella said...

$15!??? that rug is amazing - great find!!