Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The post you've all been waiting for!

It's here! I have pictures up of our house!

Here is the dining room... I just found the chair pads at Pier 1!

I found all of these at Hobby Lobby. My father-in-law came over for dinner and changed it to "ATE" (you can see it in the dining room table picture if you look close)

The coffee bar ;)

The living room.... I want to change the blinds to white!

The other side of the living room :)

Our kitchen :)

Love our cabinets!

My kitchen art. The little one says "If you're afraid of cream use butter"-Julia Child


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Cute! Love the cupcakes poster and red chandelier!!

Hope said...

i love your cute little kitchen and living room!!

congratulations, guys!!

jemina said...

Your house is so cute, I LOVE all the little details and the Keep Clam and Eat cupcake poster is BRILLIANT!!!


Anonymous said...

It looks so great!

angela hardison said...

congrats - it's adorable! i love the white cabinets and open shelving in the kitchen.

seanbuckley said...

Your house looks awesome! Can't wait to come see it sometime