Wednesday, December 15, 2010


OK People. Don't get any ideas here. I am in no way prepared to venture into the Baby Realm, but check out this fantastic baby decor I found on Apartment Therapy!

@Home Tour
The blanket is gorgeous! And I love the stars idea!

Think Pink!

Love Polka Dots!

See more blankets and ideas from Skip*Hop!

How festive is this? I love the idea of putting lanterns over the crib... and those could stay year-round!


Lisa L.S said...

I think I prefer the second one with the Eames rocking chair. Maybe because I have exactly the same chair, maybe becuse it looks very scandinavian. I don't know. :-)

Love from a swede in Dubai!

Leah said...

I so want the prints in the first pic!


christine, just bella said...

Cu-ute! I love that alphabet print in the first photo.

the southern hostess said...

The stars are so cool! said...

oih it's so cute! great ideas

Mo Pie, Please said...

IT's definitely got to be super fun to decorate for a baby!