Monday, February 21, 2011

New Stuff!

SO I have to brag for a moment here because I was actually a WINNER in not 1, but 2 giveaways!

My first winning was from Tamara Nicole's blog Memory Bean Designs

I won this print that I blogged about a month ago from Rawart Letter Press! I'm super in love!

I put it in our guest bedroom :)

I also was a winner at heart charlie
I won this handmade necklace made by heart charlie. Be sure to check out her blog, which features several amazing outfit posts featuring her jewelry :)

I've also had some fun wearing it as a bracelet.

Last but not least, last weekend I discovered Judy Paul, an artist in Austin, TX and I bought this canvas for our bedroom!

Isn't her work fun?

Yay for new things!
Happy Monday! How was your weekend?


Heart Charlie said...

Lucky lady!! Sometimes when you get a streak of good luck it carries you for a little bit ;) I love that you found fun ways to wear the necklace/bracelet ;)

20 York Street said...

Wow, you are so so lucky! I haven't really won anything!



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A BRIT GREEK said...

OHMYGOD - you lucky lucky thing! I love that print!

Ashleigh said...

Love that print - so fabulous! Cheers to new things!


You need to play the lotto girl! Lucky lady. Loving the necklace/bracelet too. xo

Kristin said...

Haven't you been lucky?? That necklace is just fabulous!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Hooray for winning giveaways! I entered the Heart Charlie giveaway, I love her blog and I love that necklace! Judy Paul's work reminds me of Dolan Geiman - have you checked him out? He's a Chicago artist with a southern twist.

Tamara Nicole said...

You're such a winner! :-)

So glad you love the print, it looks great up on your wall!

AND I love that you enjoy yourself some pho, it's one of my fave foods ever!

Hope things are going well hun!

Claire said...

So lucky!!! You should go to Vegas (or at least by a lotto ticket). Love the print you bought!

Whitney said...

whoo! congrats!

Gabriella said...

I love the print with the umbrellas! So fun!