Monday, April 18, 2011

It's A Case of the Mondays

How was everyone's weekend?

The Crawfish Boil was a blast, and I was so glad my friends could make it out!

Every year we have a Crawfish Boil at my father-in-laws house in Brenham, TX. We even camped out Saturday night and I am officially exhausted!

Today was definitely a Case of the Mondays! But the good news? I survived it!

Can I also say that I am so glad I am already 25% done with my week thanks to Good Friday? I cannot wait for my 3-day weekend!

Also, Happy Passover!


LCR said...

mondays are always tough:( especially when you didn't have much sleep on the weekend! Sounds like a great party though, hope Tuesday is better!

Whitney said...

yaay! don't you just lovee weekends!?

Blossoming Branches said...

hope you have a great weekend :)

emily said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Claudia Lane said...

Hi! Lovely blog, have just found you :))

Dionne said...

Happy Easter!
I love crawfish boils! And they live in Brenham?!
I love it there! I like going to the lavender farm out there. Gorgeous!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Crawfish Boil- that sounds fun! Yay for short weeks- they make Mondays easier!

Claire said...

i'm so jealous of your crawfish boil. that sounds delicious and fun! Happy Passover!

sarah nicole said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Can't wait to have a look around!



Ima said...

True! I often get a bit upset on Sunday night just because I know the weekend is almost over and the next day is Monday. But the thought of '5 days from today you'll have another fun weekend' also make me feel better on Mondays :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

ahhh, you satisfied my curiosity about how the crawfish boil went, so happy to hear it was a big blow out blast!!!

cheers to the long weekend lades, may it be ever so restful and rejuvenating. ♥

amy b.s. said...

a crawfish boil sounds amazing right now!

Brittany H. said...

I hope you had a great holiday weekend so far! I'm sad mine is over.

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