Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inner Peace in Times Square

No words can describe how amazing this would be:

Every year for the Summer Solstice, hundreds of people gather to reach their Zen in the business of Times Square. Amazing. Find out more info here. Who's planning on going?

Hubby and I recently joined a gym... it's actually quite perfect for us really. It's a pretty small gym, the kind where you walk in and even the owner greets you. I ended up picking this gym because they offer these amazing classes by Les Mills. My favorite class is the BodyFlow, a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. It's incredible and leaves you feeling amazing *well and a few growing pains the next day, but that's also a good thing!* Anyway, it rocks my socks off! Hope you find your chit on this lovely Wednesday!


Kelly said...

I like visiting New York, but it feels too intense and rushed for me to live there. However, this kind of makes up for it! Being zen in the middle of Times Square? How cool!

le sorelle said...

This is so amazing! The yogis would have to really be in the zone to drown out all of the background traffic noise, though ;)

Thank you so much for visiting us! Looking forward to future posts!

-j, your newest follower :)
sorelle in style

Whitney said...

a trip to NYC might be in order!

Nikki said...

What an amazing thing to be a part of!

Claire said...

so cool that you joined the gym! my friends who do pilates have the most awesome bodies ever! i force myself to jog and only get to the gym when i can leave the girls with the hubby or the one day they're both in school. so tough though cuz i'd rather be with them so i never end up going!

Kristin said...

That class sounds awesome! I don't know why I don't do yoga more. I always feel great after I do it!

Monica said...

hi there.

what a contrast to the usual NYC! i had no idea this occurred there.