Thursday, July 14, 2011


*Whew* Thank Goodness it is almost Friday! It's been an extremely hectic week at work. Fortunately, "Hectic" at my work typically means we are making progress! So in the "Big Picture" it's a good thing!

Has anyone gone to see Harry Potter yet? I'm so excited to see it! (and have you SEEN Neville Longbottom these days?????)

I'm not sure why we were too busy to notice before, but Neville is definitely looking good! But don't worry, Ron, you are still my favorite!!!

Here is an "Early" Edition of Good/Bad/Cool/Ugly. I promise to have more exciting things posted this weekend. Thanks for all the positive comments you have been leaving though, it's really made my week better!!!!

  • Went to see Horrible Bosses… and LOVED IT
BONUS: They had my Little Prince Pop-Up Book and I FINALLY bought it!

  • Rough week back to school…. Apparently kids like to “forget” the rules and how to behave after a break!

  • HP7…. Wish I was going to the midnight showing, but I’ll be there this weekend!

I really liked this preview. Look how little everyone used to be!
  • Bought Hubby a new bike for his training!

  • Boss was in a really bad car accident and spent the day in the ER to make sure her baby (Yes, she’s pregnant!) was OK. Very chaotic day for everyone!

What was your Good/Bad/Cool/Ugly this week? Any weekend plans? OR what are you most looking forward to in the new Harry Potter????


{The Perfect Palette} said...

Sorry it was a rough week back at school. Haven't seen Harry Potter yet - but my sister watched it last night in the theaters!

The Perfect Palette

Taylor said...

Wow, hope your boss is ok!
Yes, Neville is all grown up...and cute!
Hope you have a wonderful weeekend :)))

The October Issue said...

I'm not exactly a fan,but I went to the NYC red carpet premier.

Morgan said...

Loved Horrible Bosses!!

Leah - The Inside Story said...

Sounds like a bit of a tough week. Hope you have a very lovely weekend. Leahx

Danielle said...

i've been wanting to see horrible bosses. i've heard it's really funny! sorry about having a rough week at school - i hope it gets better! hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xoxo danielle

Claudia Lane said...

Well, everyone is talking about Neville...can see why...he he!!!
Sorry to hear about your week Jess, hope you were able to relax this week end (am sure things will get better at school, kids always need a bit of time after a break)
Claudia xo

Claire said...

hubby and i got to see Harry Potter this past Friday. i really enjoyed it! was very good. we rarely see movies so it was a real treat!

BTW, gave you a blog award! check it out if you get a chance!