Sunday, July 24, 2011


  • Birthday dinner for not one, but two co-workers
  • Birthday dinner for Grandma’s 83rd birthday

  •  Somewhat rough week at work, but things are getting better! I am, however, officially ready (especially thanks to the heat) ready for summer to end!

  • Quick weekend getaway to Austin, TX
@Toy Joy in ATX, a super cool vintage toy shop that is actually run by my friends from high school! (Small world, considering neither of us grew up in Austin!)

Always have to stop for a delicious breakfast @Kerbey Lane
  • Interesting article on weeding out toxic relationships or how to end things simply when things go sour between people ranging from friends to babysitters

  • Roadtrips can get pretty ugly when you decide not to eat before the trip! Whoops!


A BRIT GREEK said...

Loving the photos... i know what you mean about not eating before a road trip, i get grouchy, so does my tummy!

It's funny we both thought of similar titles for our posts, but based on totally different things!

Have a fab week hun.

Nikki said...

Is that a breakfast milkshake? Sign me up! Off to read that article. I've cut someone out in the past and it was the best decision I've ever made. Even if I had to be the bitch (in some people's eyes)

Hmm...are our Grandma's related? Happy Birthday to her!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

love this post. hate when i forget to eat before a trip. But mostly hate it when i forget to eat and then go grocery shopping. that is THE WORST!

xoxo, chrissy
The Perfect Palette

very married said...

it FINALLY cooled off here. this weekend was truly unbearable!

Janette said...

Hahaha! Your Ugly category made me laugh!

Janette, the Jongleur

Whitney said...

i hope work gets better :)

emily said...

love me some kerbey lane!

kate said...

oh i totally agree with the eating before road trips! I'm definitly guilty of a few tantrums because I didn't eat! hehe

Kristin said...

I loooooove Austin!

shopgirl said...

This post made me smile Jess! I hope your week does get better and what do you mean about road trips and no eating. The best thing about it is that you can eat junk along the way. And one day, I WILL visit Austin. I hear so many great things about it.

And I'm off to read that article you recommended.
Wishing you a fabulous week ahead sweetei!