Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Humorous Hump Day

I saw this quote and it made me laugh:

Ever notice that "What the hell" is always the right decision? -Marilyn Monroe
So then it got me in The Pinterest Zone and I came across some "Profanity Typography"
Anyone have a better name for it? Haha

And then I remembered seeing this really funny image, but I cannot for the life of me, find it anywhere!

It said "This Shit Too Shall Pass" and it was on a little ribbon sitting in the palm of someone's hands. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? But since I couldn't find it, I decided to take a whack at my own Typography Project:

Happy Humorous Hump Day!!!


amy b.s. said...

i love the wtfork!

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

ha! these are hilarious + i love the one you mocked up!

~ JOANNA ~ said...

Nice pics, I'll try to find the one, you talk about :)
Please take a look at my fashion blog and follow, if you like it :) :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh hump day!! you are difficult to get over, the day seems to crawl by...

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Thanks for sharing.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Haha love this!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth