Thursday, January 5, 2012

Miss Independent- Angela Hardison

Have you ever been inspired to do something unique and creative on your own, but didn't have the guts know where to start? Well with a new year we have a fresh start where opportunities are just waiting at our fingertips. And to help get the inspiration brewing, I am proud to introduce a new series:
Miss Independent will feature lovely ladies who kicked their fears to the curb and created their own path. I am also super excited because I absolutely adore my first interview, Angela Hardison! Angela has a beautiful blog, and is currently a freelance graphic designer
Angela's blog features amazing photography and is genuinely adorable. You may also recognize her fabulous plate wall that was featured on Design*Sponge:
From letterpress invitations to creating charming anniversary gifts, if you haven't already checked out her work, you now have no excuse not to! (PS: Did I mention she just found out she is pregnant? So exciting!)

What made you decide to start your own business? (what was your biggest factor that helped you commit to the decision)
When I was ready to graduate from college, I started looking around and interviewing for jobs in my area. Nothing piqued my interest. Along with the help and support of colleagues and family, I realized that starting my own business would be the best way to ensure a career that allowed me freedom, flexibility, and creative control.

What was your biggest risk or fear about starting a business?
Looking back, it's funny how fearless (and to be honest, kind of clueless) I was. Starting fresh out of school allowed me to be that way because I didn't have much to lose. One of the riskiest parts was not knowing if or when I'd have a stable income.

How did you know what you wanted to do?
Initially I dreamed of being an architect. At some point I was introduced to graphic design and everything fell into place from there. I grew up loving colors, typography and patterns -- so when I realized you could have a career playing with all of those things it seemed like a perfect fit.

What support system do you have for your business?
First: the people. I couldn't do it without a supportive husband, family and friends rooting me on, clients that keep coming back and referring others my way, and of course the Internet community. Having an online presence comes with the most incredible support system and it has made all the difference!

Second: business organization tools that have made me more efficient. I'm pretty sure that Harvest (time-tracking, invoicing, project management tool) changed my life and especially my productivity. 

Do you have a "real" job to supplement income, or are you self-sufficient?
I feel very blessed that design is my "real" job. As I've transitioned to freelance design, I've noticed even more that it can be as profitable as I want it to be and just depends on what I'm willing to put in.

What is the biggest advice someone gave you?
Some of my favorite advice is this: put your head down and get to work. If you are passionate about something and willing to work hard, success will come. 

Many Thanks to the amazing Angela Hardison! I hope that this series can be an inspiration to those of you looking to start your own creative outlet.

Interested in participating in Miss Independent? Contact me @ jbonassin-at-gmail-dot- com


rooth said...

Thanks for sharing the interview - I'm always very interested in hearing about people who took their careers into their own hands

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

What a great idea for a series! It must have been tough to start a business just out of college, but sounds like she's doing well!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ooh i love this!! and i just got the design sponge at home book for christmas. super excited to receive that! man her job sounds a dream job for sure!

Punctuation Mark said...

what a great interview... love the dishes on the wall!

angela hardison said...

thanks for having me, jess! look forward to more interviews. said...

wow she is amazing \;)!

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thanks for sharing such an inspirational, independent lady!

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she is fantastic!

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Angela is so awesome. What a great post and a terrific new series!

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Super cute blog!! I saw your little post on going to paris. I live in the UK and have went in Dec. and will go again for a longer trip in April. Be sure to check out

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what a cute idea for a new series. i love it!

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I'm going to love this series! Off to check out her blog!