Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rever de Paris

Those of you who have been sticking around for awhile now may have figured out my obsession with PARIS. Well I am pleased to announce that Hubby and I will officially be going in June 2012!
I am so excited! And to get ready for my trip, I'm hoping to have a Rever a Paris post (Dreaming of Paris) each week!

We already have a list of things to do including, but not limited to:

Moulin Rouge (Dinner and a Show of course!)

Do you have any Paris recommendations?


rooth said...

How awesome! I'm going to France next week but sadly not Paris

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

how wonderful - congratulations! hope you all have an amazing time. =) i've been to the south of france, but never paris, so i sadly don't have any recommendations. can't wait to see what your other readers suggest, though!

Punctuation Mark said...

go to Laduree and enjoy their delicious macarons!

blue roses said...

wow, what a wonderful trip! so very jealous!


Claire said...

wow, that's going to be so fun! i'm so glad you're going to paris! all i remember is shopping and buying some adorable outfits AND eating the ham sandwiches on the most delicious baguettes with butter. yum!


Sarah said...

Hope you have an amazing time, Paris is a beautiful city. If it's your kind of thing (and even if it's not -I'm not real a museum sort but I loved it) you should go to the Louvre and see the famous Mona Lisa - even if it's just to say you have! ;) xx