Thursday, April 26, 2012

Miss Independent- Alkeemi

Good Morning, and Happy Thursday everyone! Today I have the lovely Kimia Kline from Alkeemi featured on the blog!
Kimia is an artist who just returned to the US after studying in India. 
Her amazing work can be seen on her website, and can even be purchased in her shop!

1. What made you decide to start your own business?

To be honest I never wanted to "start my own business." I just wanted to be a painter. After majoring in painting in college, and then finishing my MFA in painting as well, it became evident to me that in this day and age, to be an artist implies also "running your own business", of sorts. So in a way, it's actually a bi-product of wanting to be a professional artist.

2. What was your biggest risk or fear about starting a business?

There is a certain amount of security in other professions that doesn't really exist in the world of art. In an office environment, for the most part you know that if you show up and do your work, you're going to get paid. When you work for yourself, or pursue a profession in the arts, you can be putting in hard work and all the necessary hours and still not see any results. That can be really discouraging and feel like failure at times.

3. How did you know what you wanted to do?

I loved it. And I knew that whatever I was going to do career wise, had to be out of love.

4. What support system do you have for your business to help you stay motivated?

My parents have always been huge supports for me. They are always my biggest cheerleaders. My brother is also an artist and architect, so growing up we were always making things together and helping each other grow creatively. And last but not least, my gem of a husband has always believed in me and my work and never lets me forget it.

5. What is your biggest challenge about running your own business?

I've really found that motivation is a big factor. If you're in an office environment or working for someone else, you are accountable to your boss and co-workers to show up on time, do your work, etc. But when you're working for yourself, there's a lot of self-motivation that comes into play, otherwise you end up wasting time.

6. What is the best advice you have for someone wanting to start a business?

My favorite professor in college always ended his emails to me with one word, "Persevere". It's the best advice I've ever been given, and the advice I always give.

No matter what you're trying to accomplish in life, I think having the motto of "persevere" is so true! I loved having Kimia featured today and you should head over to her shop or blog to see her other wonderful paintings!


Amy Powell said...

very beautiful paintings! thanks for sharing :)

Oh Sunnie Day said...

Gorgeous!! She does amazing work