Tuesday, May 1, 2012

French Cafe

Today let's visit a French Cafe.
I'm imagining having a croissant with my cafe au lait!

Isn't it neat how most of the cafe's face the sidewalk, so you can watch what's going on around you? What a neat concept!

What will you be having at the french cafe?
 Hope you have a mardi merveilleux!


danielle p. said...

i want to be back in france so bad!! i'd have a croissant as well. with some espresso on the side. yummm.

Kyla said...

These are such beautiful photos! I would have some sort of delicious pastry with fruit and endless coffee :)

rooth said...

You know, one of my favourites is the cafe in the movie Hugo. Just beautiful and exactly what I think of when I think of Paris

Stephanie said...

I want to try every single one of these cafes!!

amy b.s. said...

yes please. i'd like to go.

Elle Sees said...

that was on my Paris Bucket List when I went. I *had* to do it. many times

Oh Sunnie Day said...

Pain au chocolat is my favorite!