Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Virtual May Birthday Party!

I am definitely the type of person who likes to celebrate their birthday all.month.long. Sometimes even longer than that! But I definitely love to include everyone, which is why typically my husband also gets birthday presents for my birthday! Really, I just love any excuse to celebrate, and what better excuse to celebrate than the fact that summer is here?

I also started noticing that a lot of my blogging friends also have May birthdays! Coincidence? I think not. May is obviously the best month to have a birthday! So I have some of those lovely ladies linking up today for a Virtual May Birthday Party!

My Guide to a Fabulous May Birthday!

Week 1: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Austin, TX with some Mexican Martini's!
Week 2: Celebrate Mother's Day in Style with a "Ladies Who Brunch" Theme with your loved ones.
Week 3: Go to the beach in Galveston and eat lots of Crawfish
(Notice how I nonchalantly got the lifeguards doing pushups in the background)

Week 4: Have a camping adventure. Finding a place with a pool = BONUS
Be sure to have lots of doggies around. 
You will end up taking more pictures of them and forget to take pictures of the humans!
Presents all around!!!
My lovely presents, plus Hubby's and my birthday watches!

Week 5: The month isn't quite over yet! It's time to go out with a bang!
***Really, Celebrate however you want! As long as you just have fun!

On that note, please check out these other May Birthday Celebrations! If you also have a birthday in May and have a post about it, feel free to link up!

Also don't forget about my Giveaways! There are still a few more chances to enter!

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rooth said...

Gah - that's the best birthday ever. Mexican martinis and crawfish?! We definitely need to catch up sometime - I just keep being out of town

A BRIT GREEK said...

Oooh you pretty lil thing, hope you had the best birthday party everrrrr! I also have a high capacity of birthdays in May - always leaves me totally broke!

Sending you extra virtual hugs n kisses,


Filipa said...

fantastic posting!!!
Really like it!

Kyla said...

Thanks again for doing this link-up Jess, it was so much fun! Your post is really making me wish I didn't live in New England, because Austin looks like a lot of fun! The brunch idea is adorable :)

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

yay for May birthdays! hope the last day of our birthday month is an awesome one for you!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Happy May to you! We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this month!

Hayley said...

Thanks for adding my link!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing says happy birthday like doggies in a pool! These are great tips for a month-long celebration- wonderful!!x

navy and orange said...

love a great birthday watch!

xoxo navy & orange

Jamie said...

It's my birthday today!

Emily Lynne {The Best of this Life} said...

Looks like a whole lot of birthday fun!! Love your matching watches, cute :) Happy birthday to all the May-born bloggers!! What a fun linky-party.

punkychewster said...

OMG Jess, i believe this is the very first picture i have seen of YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTH-MONTH! you don't need an excuse for celebrations. :)

Janna Bogert said...

This is such a cute idea and I celebrate for a month too ;) I gave my hubby his first month long celebration in January and he is now a believer! Happy Birthday to all of YOU!