Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paris Style

Oh my goodness, I think one of my favorite parts about being in Paris was all the people watching! While I will admit, Paris was swamped with tourists, everyone was still wearing their best for the French! So here are the top things you need for visiting Paris:

1. Big Glasses
Large eye-frames are all the rage. Everyone was wearing them! While they don't particularly look that great one me (I have a really small face) I just might be looking into investing in a cute pair of glasses!

2. I like big bags and I cannot lie...
A girl's gotta have something to carry all her necessities in, especially a map for all those times you get lost (which happened several times, unfortunately). In Paris, you are out and about all day. There is no time for running home or back to the hotel, so plan accordingly!

3. Leggings
Everyone is wearing them. Under shorts or under dresses, and in Paris you will definitely need them for chillier weather!

4. Teeny Tiny Necklaces and Charms
Aren't they sooo cute? How could you possibly say non?

So which look is your favorite?
I definitely love them all!


rooth said...

I think my fave will have to be the big glasses, maybe that's what will work for my face. I haven't had glasses in yeaaarrrsss

A BRIT GREEK said...

Love 'em all Jess, but I gotta go with the tiny charms on necklaces... subtle but lovely. Plus also good for layering with longer chains too!

Hope you had fun!

danielle p. said...

i love all of this!

Unknown said...

love the teeny necklaces. I'm very jealous, I want to go to Pairs!!

Unknown said...

All of them pretty much. I need prescription glasses - I might go with #1!


meme-and-he said...

love the big glasses and the teeny necklaces. Such great styles going on right now :)

Meggan said...

I love big glasses too! I want to try them!

Stesha said...

i bet the style in Paris is just to die for. My fav is the over sized purses!


erica marie said...

I'm loving the glasses...I'm not sure what I would look like in them, but these girls look great in them

xo erica

kaylee said...

I love all of this! But I really love the teeny tiny jewelry just picked up some rings & necklaces like this! xo

Unknown said...

The teeny jewelry is perfect - I love it...and the BIG bags...hehehe..teeny/big - it balances out :) Love this round up of Paris style!! You lucky girl, I'm glad you had such a fab trip!