Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I'm Loving

While I was in Paris, I definitely found a lot to love lately!

1. Pretty Buildings and Architecture

2. The cutest bag from @elephantislove. Don't you just love the details on the luggage?
And how cute is this DIY pillow shirt she made?

3. Messy.Dirty.Hair. I think I actually went a whole week without washing my hair while in Paris. It was perfect timing for the Messy.Dirty.Hair Challenge!


My trick to not washing hair is to wear cute hair styles or dress it up with hair accessories.
Oh, and dry shampoo is my best friend.

4. Rain, Rain...
Typically a Houston summer should be filled with rain thanks to Hurricane Season. Since we had a drought last summer, I am loving all the rain we have had lately. Plus, it keeps the weather cooler!

5. Home
It's good to be home with our babies again! Plus, I missed having a phone! But having a little "reboot" vacation was definitely needed!

6. Coffee
While I loved a good espresso in Paris, there is something enjoyable about slowing sipping a cup of coffee each morning. Sometimes, espresso just doesn't get the job done!

What have you been loving lately?


rooth said...

Isn't this rain absurd? At least it's allowing me to run outside again

Unknown said...

I'm loving iced tea: unsweetened. I put a couple of scoops of loose leaf in a glass pitcher, let it steep, refrigerate and enjoy cold later with lemon slices...yum! Good job on the d.m.h. challenge! I don't think I can go longer than 2 days....

Unknown said...

I love your Messy Dirty Hair challenge photos. All the styles seriously look amazing!!

danielle p. said...

i love all of these images! and i'm currently loving fresh air. between school and work, i've hardly had anytime to get outside and play. but it sure is nice when i do :]

Unknown said...

oh I agree about the rain! Texas summer without rain just sucks.

and love that bag. so cute!!

Hilldog said...

I am loving the rain too! Texas summers always need alittle rain to give a break from the heat! Love your blog- too cute!

Meggan said...

Love the beautiful buildings of Paris too! I have been twice and I am always blown away by the amazing architecture!

Unknown said...

Love my friends... No,doubt about it!

Unknown said...

love messy dirty hair! I did it too!


have a good night!

punkychewster said...

Oh my, how do you manage to look so cute even without washing your hair for a week! mine turns gross, grimy and greasy (i like the alliteration heh!) and i have to wash my hair once a day!

thanks for the special mention! i'm glad you love the bag!