Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New York, New York!

Oh.em.gee you guys! I am super excited because Hubby and I decided to plan a trip to New York!

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We will even be there for New Years! Eeeeep! Amazing, right?!?!

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So even though the fact that we are going is beyond amazing in itself, do you have any suggestions on what to do or see?

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I cannot wait to take in this amazing city
(And go shopping for "Real" winter clothes!)

What have you been super pumped about these days?
Happy Wednesday all!


rooth said...

Oh yay! You're going to have SUCH a great time. Don't forget to go to Max Brenner for the ultimate chocolate experience

Kyla said...

Oh wow Jess that is so exciting!! NYC is so beautiful in the winter :) My friend and I are actually planning a trip there in December too!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ooh lucky girl NYC with the husband!! you will have a great time. that is one place i have been wanting to visit again since the first time i went a few years ago and I have always wanted to go during Christmas time

Francesca Giusti said...

love new york and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Jordan said...

I'll be there a couple of weeks after you! So excited for you! And I'm excited because you can give me tips when it's time for me to go :) There is just something about traveling that warms the soul, am I right?

Whitney said...

lucky girl!!

Nancy said...

HOW FUN!! So envious! =)
I bet it will be tons of fun! When I went, I based my whole trip around FOOD. =D

Emily Lynne {The Best of this Life} said...

YAY!! That's so awesome!! There's so much to see in NYC!! I lived there for a whole year and still didn't get to see it ALL! I would recommend a trip to Brooklyn, there are so many great shops popping up, as well as restaurants and the view of the Manhatten skyline from the boardwalk is surreal :)

meme-and-he said...

ahh! I can't wait to live vicariously through you! We live 2.5 hours from NYC and STILL haven't been. pathetic.

Janna Renee said...

YAY! So exciting. You have to check out Macy's for their holiday display, Empire State building is obviously a must, Serendipity (of course), and if the Rockettes are still performing the Christmas Spectacular- I highly recommend it!

Dahnya said...

Oh, you lucky gal! We were there a few days before Christmas last year and here are my top faves:

-Rockefeller Square is a MUST (I cried tears of joy). be prepared, though. It is crowded but it's well worth the stroll because the entire blocks leading up to it are beautifully decked out for the holidays.

-NYC public library

-MOMA (if y'all are into art, it's the best collection)

-Little Italy

-Brooklyn Bridge (even though it will be cold)

-Bryant Park

-any chance you're a gossip girl fan? Empire Hotel bar! :)

-Central Station is also a MUST!

My husband's family lives in CT. Every time we visit, we make sure we land in NYC so we can take a day or two and sight see. We usually always divvy up the trip so that both of us get at least one or two of our NYC "wish list" checked off.