Wednesday, July 24, 2013


On top of everything else we've been working on lately, I need your help!

We are rearranging the living room but I'm finding it hard to properly utilize the space.

Here is Option 1:
Pro's : It opens the living room up
Con's: The side table in the corner is awkward and I don't love our wine rack next to the window

Here is Option 2:

Pro's: I love the couch and the wine rack here.
Con's: The side chairs are too big and close off the living room

What do you think? Any suggestions or likes/dislikes????

Any tips are greatly appreciated!
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kate @ be merry, kate said...

I like option 2! It closes off the living room, which I think is actually a pro! It gives you a little more of a cozy feel if it is slightly less open. The air is still open so it doesn't close it off like a full couch would (as opposed to the chairs). Let me know what you decide!!!

little t said...

Hmmmm... Option 1 looks better I think. Could you put the wine rack in another room entirely?

Lovely home by the way :)

Emily Smith said...

Option 1 is my favorite, because I like open spaces - I find it more inviting to sit in. What if you spaced the two single chairs out and put the low coffee table in the middle with a tall flower vase to even it out visually...would it be more useful there?

As for the wine rack, you may have to find another home for it... dining room?

Love the rug + coffee table!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I like the first option. Like what was said, you could put the wine rack in another room or something. I think it creates good space!! xx

Punctuation Mark said...

put the lounge chairs against the wall and the couch by the window and the arrange the rest of the furniture... best to deal with the bigger pieces first!

Meagan Badger said...

I'm a fan of option 2, but I don't know what the other side of the room looks like to know if it feels weird. Our living room is such an awkward space. It's big but it's rectangular so it is hard to work with! I like our current set up but it feels kind of crowded. Maybe that's because we have this big ugly eyesore of a media console (from the thrift store that we NEVER did anything with) that is directly across from the fireplace. Plus all the baby stuff that hangs out during the day - it all makes me feel AAAHHH! So I get it. I hope you figure it out soon though - I know how it can drive you crazy!

Claire said...

i am by no means an expert but i like the openness of #1! both look good though. how exciting!

Janna Renee said...

I like option 1 for the open space!

Whitney Biber said...

i like option 2 :) am i too late?