Monday, April 12, 2010

Artists to know About

One of the best websites to use for decor is, and of course Amazon.

I have always been in love with print artist Théophile Alexandre Steinlen. He has done classics such as the Chat Noir as well as a whole series of kitty cat art!

KattekwaadClinique Cheron, c.1905 Poster Print by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, 20x28Tournee Du Chat Noir, Art Poster by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, size 11" x 14"
Chocolat Art Poster Print by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, 19x39"Lait Pur Sterilise" By Theophile Steinlen Vintage Poster - for Kids, and Cats lovers

Another artist who I have recently discovered is Annora Spence, an artist from the UK. I absolutely adore her work, however it is a little hard to find. I have attempted to order prints from her but a lot of places will not ship overseas.

My favorite painting of hers is called Walking the Dog 

And here are some of her other works:

Two Blue Birds Art Poster Print by Annora Spence, 21x16Walking on the Balcony Art Poster Print by Annora Spence, 24x32
Playing Cards by Annora Spence 19.75"x27.5" Art Print PosterTea on the Balcony by Annora Spence. LAMINATED. 18.25 inches width by 25.67 inches height. Highest Quality Art Poster Print

Another artist that I am in love with is Kurt Halsey. His work is cartooney, yet very charming and relatable. You can also buy jewlery from his store website!!

Images found on Kurt Halsey

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