Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have not been a very good friend in the blog world lately. I must admit with summer soon ending and school fast approaching there has been a lot on my plate and I feel TIRED!

HOWEVER: Here are some things which have kept me going!

Love Actually (Widescreen Edition)
1. Warm fuzzy movies!

I Love Love Love Love Love Love Actually! It always makes me feel the warm fuzzies and I love the realness to the characters in the film. It even points out that not all love stories have happy endings. If you have not seen this yet, I highly recommend it!

The HolidayAnother one of my favorites is The Holiday... I love Jack Black's character and the little girls are soooo adorable! They also happen to own my dream tent! (Are you also starting to see a Christmas theme here???)

2. Babies!

I love my little family and it makes a long day at work worth it! I love coming home and being greeted with sweet kisses and cuddles!

Oh... and let's not forget my other baby! :)
3. Shopping!

I may have splurged at Urban Outfitters online this weekend... and of course with the flat rate $10 shipping I was definitely encouraged to buy MORE... but don't you just love this dress ($30) and curtain tie backs (Only $5!!!)?? I can't wait to put up pictures once they arrive!!!
dress images via polyvore
4. Friends!
I get by with a little help from my friends! Last weekend we did kareoke and this weekend one of my very good friends will be coming to visit! Can't wait!

SO I am sorry I have been pretty lazy about visiting everyone's blogs that I love so much, but I will really try to catch up soon!!!!

<3 Jess


jemina said...

Hi, I hope you are feeling better, I love that dress that you scored at UO, at $5, that is a steal!!!, wishing you a lovely day, xoxo

Leah said...

Oh you poor thing, I hope you are getting better! It sounds like you have all the right things to help you get better!


very married said...

love those two movies. it makes me want to pop one in now!