Saturday, August 7, 2010


I finally got a hold of episode 2 last night and I loved it! The Challenge was to make a billboard look for Marie Claire and the winner got to have their look featured on a billboard in New York! Without giving too much away, this episode definitely had a surprise ending!

Today I am starting with the WORST. And guess what. It's Jason again! His look didn't even look like an outfit! And one of the judges even made a comment "Has he ever seen a woman before?" Jason was so self assured of his look, however that he defended it to the end.  Oh and instead of finishing it with staples this week he used safety pins! But with his snotty comments about how he "doesn't care what other people think" he better find a new line of business seeing as fashion is a business where it's all about opinions and what people think!!! see Jason's look.

My favorite dress this week came from Mondo Guerra, although I wasn't really sure what to think about him after last week's lime green mess! See Mondo's look.

And once again I was impressed with A.J. & Michael!

See A.J.'s look

See Michael's look

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jemina said...

YAY!!! thanks for sharing, I need to catch up on this episode, thanks babe, mwah!!! xoxo