Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ok.... This last episode was CRAZY! We had some crazy hats going on and some crazy things going on with all of the designers. The challenge? Design an outfit to go with a Philip Treacy hat! It was a pretty outrageous challenge to say the least, and I felt that most of the designer's could have done a lot better. Most of them had issues trying to find a good flow to complement the hat in the dress.

My favorite hat this episode would have to have been none other than Heidi Klum's hat!

Now I honestly can't say I really had a favorite dress or designer this episode. While I do love hats, I am a pretty simple and basic gal so I have a hard time seeing myself wearing a hat that looks like this:

A lot of people also did not agree with the winner, however the winner was personally one of my favorite designers and while I don't think he had a very original dress he did complete the challenge of making a dress that complimented his hat and the dress was very well made. So without giving too much away, here are the highlights:

Definitely hands down WORST outfit this episode was April--Sorry!!! See her look here.

I actually liked Casanova's & Michael C.'s dresses. Some thought they were boring but I thought Casanova's was pretty unique for a Simple Black Dress and they both actually listened to the challenge without going overboard, See Cassanova's dress here. See Michael C.'s dress here.

What did you think?


Leah said...

Oh I am loving this season! This hat episode has been my fave! They are all so creative!


Jennifer and Sherry said...

love Project Runway! Casonova's dress was awesome I thought.

Jennifer & Sherry

Label of Addiction said...

I love project runway but it is difficult for me to watch. I always have to find an internet stream. Thanks for giving me a summary. In Germany we have now episode 1!!! too bad!!!!!!!

Jennifer and Sherry said...

yes! I JUST finished watching it! haha. have you seen the new episode? I just gotta say, Gretchen's attitude annoys me!