Saturday, August 28, 2010


OK. I stand corrected. I thought last week's episode was nuts but clearly Thursday's episode was even worse! I had a love/hate relationship with the team challenge episode. This time we had Team Luxe against Team Military & Lace. The one thing the contestants don't seem to get about the team challenge is that the winners usually are the ones who acted like a team. Unfortunately for one team, there was clearly a team leader thus giving this episode the title "There is an "I" in Team"

I could have slapped everyone on the losing team for their snotty attitudes towards some of their teammates, and everyone clearly needed a wake-up call. Even Tim Gunn had some serious words for the losing team. He basically told them that they allowed one person to "bully & manipulate" them and now someone else was having to take the bullet. Well said Tim Gunn!!! I will always love you!!!! See what he had to say here: But only if you want to see who the winning/losing teams were!!!!

So I don't give too much away I will only be posting my Favorite looks this week:

Casanova's Look

Peach's Look


Christine said...

I try to still catch each season but it's clear that the judges are lying when they say they don't take everyone's past work into consideration when it's time to choose who goes home. The one's with the weakest personalities are always seem to be the first to go. I keep telling myself not to watch it anymore, but I do anyways. I'm glad Tim Gunn called it like he saw it.

Jess said...

Exactly! They always have to have the super annoying/extreme personalities to keep the show interesting... and I'm sure the show is formulated to pick who goes home beforehand like most reality shows but I LOVE it anyway!!!!