Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project Runway: Best & Worst Episode 1

OK, for those of you who have not watched yet, I won't give any results away but I will share with you MY opinion! First off, I LOVED the challenge, and I think it was a great way to show us who can really make it work and who is going to be lazy this season.  Contestants only had 5 hours to pull something out of someone else's suitcase and transform it into Runway Ready Wear! I don't really agree with who was sent home... but it is typical of Project Runway to keep the weird ones on the show to keep things interesting so let's see how the rest of the season goes!


Can I just say: "UGH!" I usually try to give everyone a chance but I am not impressed. From his constant defending of his own masculinity (trying too hard????) to his cheap excuse of ruining a perfectly good kimono and using staples to put it together... PLEASE. Say it with me now: "auf wiedersehen!"

See Jason's design here.

BEST DESIGNER: Gretchen Jones

While her dress was actually not my favorite, I think she has a lot of potential. She also did a great job transforming a sequined sweater into a beautiful black dress (with an amazing back!) Looking forward to seeing more from her!

See Gretchen's design here.


While the judges did not agree with my taste, I thought McKell put together a really fun dress that I feel like I would actually wear. I loved the color and the design.

See her dress here.

Looking forward to seeing more from:

Kristen Simms

Michael Costello

A.J. Thouvenot

Can't wait for this week's episode!!! Who was your favorite designer???


jemina said...

Thanks for this, I LOVE project runway but I haven't seen this episode yet, soon (hopefully), happy weekend, xoxo

Jess said...

Hope you get to see it soon! Although you may want to wait... I think the website is still pretty backlogged because I kept having to reload and restart the video....

very married said...


i've been in a bar exam haze and totally missed it. checking to see if it's online now!

Jess said...

You didn't miss much, it just started on Thursday July 28th! Just in time for you to finish :)

angela hardison said...

gretchen was definitely my favorite - i was so happy when she won.

project runway is the only TV show i really get into and i'm so glad it's back on!

Christine said...

Haven't seen new season yet. But now will have to find it online. Looks like a good season.

Jess said...

BEST SHOW EVER! Check it out here