Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Project Runway: Innovation Challenge! Episode 3

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The wedding was fabulous and I can't wait to post pictures! But in the meantime I did manage to catch up on Project Runway and I was thrilled to see them pull of the Innovation Challenge so well! The assignment? Make a dress out of items from a Party Store! From Cassanova's plush puppy fabric to Kristin's Animal Wooly Balls & guest judge Betsey Johnson, this is a Project Runway you won't want to miss!!!

See Tim Gunn get fresh with Animal Wooly Balls

For a change let's go to the BEST DRESSED first this week! There was actually a lot of creativity this episode, and a lot of designer's went unnoticed due to time constraints, but luckily you can view all extended comments & judging online.

Best Designer in my opinion this week was Valerie Mayen. Valerie was actually in the Top 3 last week as well, and her black & white cocktail dress made of napkins was amazing! See Valerie's look here.

Unfortunately for A.J. I did not care for his look this week. I definitely agree with the judges that he did not take his look far enough. See his dress here.

NOW, we are only on the third episode but there has already been plenty of drama created for the show.  We were left with a cliffhanger as Ivy collapsed and was sent to the hospital, while Gretchen was walking around as if she has had as much experience as Tim Gunn because she won the first 2 challenges (sorry those of you who haven't watched yet!) While Gretchen is very talented, I hate to see her get on her high horse so soon, especially when I agree with April that you could open up an urban catalog and see Gretchen's designs there: I'm a little weary of how creative & innovative she actually is.

What do you think about this week's Project Runway?


Lynzy said...

I should really start watching this show! Everyone talks about it!

xo Lynzy

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Great challenge! I loved Valeries look too...it was impeccable!

christine said...

I've missed the beginning episodes... I must go catch up. I love Project Runway!

Happy Weekend!
:) Christine