Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still a Mess!

For those of you who saw my ENRAGED post, you already know about my frustrating car troubles. Unfortunately the whole thing has only gone downhill from here. This morning my keys started locking up in the ignition again, but this time even jiggling the keys wouldn't work so... I had to have my car towed and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they can fix it! In the meantime I have talked to an attorney and it looks like that in addition to recieving my refund I can have the idiot car mechanics pay for my new bill and the charge of having my car towed. What a mess this has become! The good news is I found an amazing mechanic who can help and he is very trustworthy and helpful. The ironic part of the whole story is my friend told me to take it there in the first place because she knew they were good, but it was on the other side of town for us and I thought it would be "easier" and "faster" to take it to the Meineke..... Live and learn people, live and learn!!!!  If I can be able to drive my car home today I will be doing just fine!!!

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