Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Discovered...

I would travel to Europe just to get my hands on this...

(Although I did discover I could buy some here in Houston... and of course online as well!)
Paul & Joe, where have you been hiding from me all this time? And let me just say, I am not EVEN a big make-up person. The bare minimum to make me look somewhat of a grown-up are the necessities in my life. I don't even know if I would wear this but I just think it's too pretty not to have!

This is from their 2010 Fall Collection but C'mon, Cat Lipstick? Who can resist that?

Aren't their color schemes simply amazing?

And now for my personal favorite, they even had a Disney Collection in 2008! :)

Find out if there is a store near you!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could try some of their stuff!

Christine said...

I love the packaging. And that cat head lipstick--too cute. Have a lovely week my dear!