Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Music for the New Year

Lately I have been obsessed with British Pop Singers! I don't know how "new" this music is, but it is new to me!

New Music I'm Loving (Sorry, it's alot)...

LenkaLenka: The Show
(For technicalities she is actually Australian)

Skinny GenesEliza Doolittle: Skinny Genes
(And she is actually Irish... so I made a bit of generalization!)

(But these last 2 are from London!)

Pumpkin SoupKate Nash: Pumpkin Soup

Rolling In The Deep ADELE: Rolling In The Deep

OK Clearly I could post more, but I won't overwhelm you!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!! :)


Dionne said...

I LOVE Lenka! And glad that you pointed out that she's an Aussie-born singer (even though I live in the US, i'm an Aussie, and love it when Aussie singers are noticed). yay!

Christine said...

Adele has such an amazing voice.

Kristin said...

Adele's pipes are outta this world!