Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines is coming!

Valentines Day is just around the corner and after watching the movie,The Kids Are Alright I think I have to have the LOVE necklace that Julianne Moore wears for the film! The necklace is modeled after Robert Indiana's famous ''LOVE'' sculpture.

(Sorry I couldn't find a better picture!)

The necklace is available at the Indiana Museum of Art for $50 in Sterling Silver
Or if you are looking to save money you can get one for $6.99 at girlprops

What are you hoping to get for Valentines??????


Dionne said...

Oh that is so cute!

B and I have a rule for Valentine's Day - our gifts to each other must be experience-based. Something that we can do together to celebrate our love. He still usually gets me flowers anyways, and totally breaks the rules - but I am not sure what "experience" I will be getting this year.

Heart Charlie said...

Great eye you have! I love her necklace as well, what a great deal, $6.99, $50 is not bad for sterling silver either. Awesome!

Iolanda said...

loving "LOVE"!!!
great blog!
love iole

Mo Pie, Please said...

Isn't that movie amazing? I loved it. That necklace is pretty cute - I hope you get it!

Tamara Nicole said...

Cuuuute! Haven't seen that movie yet, but it's on my list:-)

Hmmm I'm hoping for simple flowers and maybe breakfast in bed???!!! Lol we shall see, I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

Cute pendant! Hoping? it would be more like wishing , this might sound so cliché but nothing would make me happier than a big bouquet of roses, I've never gotten one, I've been given cute stuff but never flowers, so sad!

{av} said...

sigh. I'm from Indiana--and have always had an attachment to this LOVE symbol! I even used it on our wedding invites...there's a stamp featuring it too! so happy to have stumbled on your blog! I now need to see Julianne Moore in her element--have a great night! xoxo {av}

very married said...

i just want jewelry. for whatever reason, my husband always feels like he needs to be "more creative" than jewelry. i don't understand that!