Thursday, May 12, 2011

What I'm Loving...

Oh man, I have never been a big accessories person, but there are so many cute things out there these days I just can't help myself! Like these fabulous bags....

Lambskin Tassel Hobo

Leather Carry-All Pouch

ZigZag Makeup Bag

Or these sandals...

Sora Sandals

Myrna Sandal

Oh and what is the verdict on feather extensions? I think I'm getting them for one of my friends weddings and I'm pretty excited about it!

Doesn't Selena look so cute with them?

Happy Almost-Weekend!


LCR said...

oo that makeup bag and the hair feathers are my fav!! yes. need them both.
happy almost weekend:D

stephanie [the merry way] said...

Love all of these - especially that first bag :)

Ruby Girl said...

love the american apparel clutch and selena's hair feathers. great fashion inspiration! <3

Kristin said...

That makeup bag is SO cute!

Taylor said...

whoaa, feather extensions!? so cool! just stumbled upon your blog and loving it! :)

Claudia Lane said... the top banana republic bag...and the feather extensions sound like a lot of fun...I'd love to see :))

Claire said...

feather extensions are pretty cute. my mom got one and i thought it looked funny, but now that you posted these ones i'm sorta digging them more. i think she needed to have more (my mom only had one).

love the banana rep bag. very cute. and kork-ease makes the cutest/comfy shoes!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

happy weekend Jess! sure hope the blogger conundrum didn't affect you too bad, i've been trying to simmer down since things went haywire and have used up all the alloted amounts of "goosefraba" for like a week!

i'm such a lover of accessorizing and really dig the sights you've posted. the m/up bag is a darling design and truly covet the feathers too. my gf recently got some, they look amazing. she can wash them & curl them which really gives me the stokes!!! ♥

Evie said...

My super cool neighbor has the feather hair extensions and I love them...although at first I did think she had some pollen or something in her hair!

Just stumbled upon your blog!