Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I can't believe we have only made it 4 days in the Challenge! It feels like much longer! And I have to say, Wendy's and Pizza Hut never looked so good! I think it's just the psychological aspect of "not" having something available... you want it all the more! The upside to the Challenge so far? I am already noticing HUGE improvements in my skin! The downside? Not having snacks available when I'm hungry. Fruit, nuts and an occasional Cliff's Granola Bar (organic) are about the only things we have on hand at the moment.

But Hubby and I are staying strong! And I must say, we are loving having more veggies in our diet. We spent $30 on veggies alone at the Farmer's Market the other day! Meanwhile, we are just going to take it easy this weekend as we have a bunch of busier weekends ahead of us!

In other news, our new coffee table made it in this morning!

I also found this blog that offers a free calendar of fresh available food depending on the time of year!

So I know what you are probably wondering... Where are the recipes? Well here are Days 3 & 4 of the Challenge, plus our Saturday Morning Breakfast!

Every time I make a whole chicken, I am amazed at how easy it is, as well as how good it tastes!

This dinner was absolutely amazing. Of course the star ingredient was the homemade Hollandaise Sauce:

1. Whisk together 3 egg yolks
2. Cook over a double boiler, but make sure it is not too hot or the egg will cook too fast. You want the eggs to stay runny. This should take about 1-2 minutes.
3. Stir in a stick (1/2 a cup) of butter, but make sure eggs are off of heat
4. Add salt, pepper, & lemon to taste

Hope you guys are off having a lovely weekend! Who is ready for some football???


girls who like to gorge said...

Ohh, thanks for the link to the seasonal calendar! That's awesome! :) xxxx

Susan said...

Yum yum yum! That all looks so good Jess! Good for you. Keep enjoying your fessh-ness! Have a lovely weekend :)

Cat said...

You're awesome, Jess! Some things never change! =P

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

way to go Jess! you're doing a fab job committing to this new regime and should be ultra proud!!!

sweet coffee table addition, looks like something excellent for storage too - bonus time. those recipes looks terrific, i wouldn't have too hard of a time pulling off a diet including those delish dishes. happy Sunday! ♥

Claire said...

i'm seriously impressed with you and your cooking challenge. i just made dinner for the first time in forever. made some hominy albondigas soup. those carrot muffins look like something my girls would love! funny you mention football since that's what my hub is watching right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you've done so much! I wouldn't be able to!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Aren't new coffee tables THE best? And thanks for sharing your potato recipe--I'll have to try it sometime without the ham (I'm a complete vegetarian). Happy Monday!

{be merry} kate said...

I love this challenge you're doing! I try to stay as fresh as possible, but usually I just don't have the time to keep it up!


amy b.s. said...

thanks for the great recipes!

A BRIT GREEK said...

I've been really enjoying these foodie posts girl! I'm actually writing my grocery list for tomorrow, so many choices from here!

My diet has changed dramtically since moving to Greece - lots of GM free fruit & veg and better meat too!
p.s thanks again for the award angel.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oooh fun recipes!

Marina said...

You two are really strong.. I don't think me and my husband could do that :)

Allison said...

I love the idea of this challenge, though I hate to say I do not think I couldn't go out to eat for 30 days! I seriously applaud you and the hubs for being so committed to this - and all those recipes sound delicious. I think it's great that people are doing things like this - it definitely reduces your carbon footprint by SO much, and is definitely so much healthier! I've never felt better since becoming a vegetarian - so seriously, keep up the great work, girl! xox

Huckleberry Creative said...

Carrot and zucchini muffins sound delish! Keep up the good work :)

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

ooh, that season produce calendar is a wonderful idea. thanks for the link! i try to use as many local/seasonal ingredients as possible, so that'll come in very handy. yay!