Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Past Vs. The Future

2010 was a very amazing yet hard year. Probably my biggest struggle this year was finding a job. We have lived in Houston for 2 years now, and even with our college degrees under out belts it was REALLY hard to find a job as we finished school at the height of the trainwreck economy. But with much perseverance, and working a series of low-pay jobs I finally found my dream job in March with FOCUS Initiative where I work as a teacher and Social Coach with "quirky" kids who struggle socially. We mainly work with clients diagnosed with Autism and Asperger's but we help all types of people of all ages to help them become more independent!

The rest of my year in Re-cap:

We headed to Lubbock in February to visit with old friends :)

Visited Washington, DC for Spring Break with our good friends Dana & Clay

By far the best part was getting to see Julia's Kitchen at the Museum of American History!

I started my blog in April!
(My very FIRST post here!)

as well as Family, Fun & Crawfish in beautiful Burton!

My boss and brother-in-law got married over the summer

We went to the Dallas Fair in October

(Oh, and we bought a house!)

As I say goodbye to 2010 I also am looking forward to what 2011 has to bring us!


We already have 2 weddings lined up... our friends Melodie & Casey get married in May and Dana & Clay (our DC friends) get married in November!
(I also have a small inkling I may have another important wedding for one of my besties, but it hasn't been officially announced yet!)

We also have a trip to Hawaii planned at the end of June with my entire family for my Grandfather's 80th birthday and we will be ending the year on a Cruise to the Caribbean!

My goals for this year are to continue learning as much as I can in my profession and to be morepatient(Granted I am a pretty patient person, but I am also human and I have my moments!)
I am also hoping to begin thegrad school application process. I would like to get my Master's in Marriage & Family Therapy and help families learn to help their loved ones that struggle with Social Cognitive Disorders.
I would also like to start training for athis year. Realistically we probably won't do it until 2012, but training now will definitely get us ready in time!

Hat's Off to 2011!!!!!


jemina said...

Thank you so much for sharing bits of your life with us dear

Here's to a better year!!!

Love, Hugs & Kisses

Tania said...

Good luck, and I wish you success in everything you do, not just this year but every year! I know it's a tall order, but keep trying!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

Looks like it was a good year. Congrats on buying the house, that's amazing! Happy 2011! ♥

Anonymous said...

Heres to a great year :)

Kristin said...

I loved checking out Julia's kitchen too! Happy new year!

very married said...

happy new year! a good year passed and a good year is coming!

Kristen said...

It sounds like you have a fun year planned! I want to join your on your trip to Hawaii!